The name ”Non Sense”

The founders of Non Sense have a great history in fashion such as ”Guldknappen-Designer of the year”, ”Business Founders of the year” and ”Export business of the year” etc etc. A highly known media person once said to us ”But hey, things must make sense, go according to scientific strategies.

I really dont know how you can make it work, and I don ́t even know if you do. It may turn out successful, but you ́re not doing it right. Your way of working is pure nonsense” So we hit that one volley style and it was the ultimate inspiration to our name. ”Non Sense” was just perfect. A small revolution and a call to let go, do whatever, your own way. Not letting others control your ways. And in this become ones best self.

Long live the art of nonsense.

The logo:

- Most likely the most complicated logo ever made.
- Women are so much more than what meets the eye.
- Come closer and discover it all.
- Letting go of the limiting sense and let life play all of its cards.
- Leaving the good girl behind and dare dare.
- Letting ones feeling beat the crap out of science.
- Sin can be beautiful.
- All women have it.

Non Sense chief designer:
Award winning Karin Jimfelt-Ghatan